Organizing Team

  • Mgr. Martin Bartoš Mgr. Martin Bartoš
    TT manager
    FNUSA-ICRC Brno, Czech Republic
  • Mgr. René Samek, MSc., MA. Mgr. René Samek, MSc., MA.
    Director for International Strategic Partnerships
    FNUSA-ICRC Brno, Czech Republic

Event Coordination Team

St. Anne’s University Hospital Brno - International Clinical Research Center

Conference is organized by the St. Anne’s University Hospital Brno - International Clinical Research Center (FNUSA-ICRC).
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St. Anne’s University Hospital Brno

St. Anne’s University Hospital Brno (FNUSA) was founded in 1786 and since then it has gradually evolved into an institution combining clinical practice, clinical research and education. FNUSA’s specialized departments serve as training and educational facilities for the Faculty of Medicine at Masaryk University and other faculties and training centers for the continuing education of physicians, pharmacists and other experts in the field of medicine.

In addition to providing high quality health care to its patients, FNUSA deals with a broad spectrum of activities related to advanced medical research. As the only university hospital in the Czech Republic it has receive funding from the European Structural Funds to create a European center of excellence – thanks to this grant FNUSA then founded the International Clinical Research Center (ICRC) in 2012, which is its integral part.

International Clinical Research Center

The International Clinical Research Center at St. Anne’s University Hospital Brno (FNUSA-ICRC) is a new generation scientific research center, which is also a center for top public medical care focused on the search for new methods, technologies and drugs for the effective prevention, early diagnosis and personalized treatment of cardiovascular and neurological diseases. These diseases are among the most common causes of death in modern society.

The center is built on the foundation of many years of successful cooperation with the Mayo Clinic and other foreign and Czech partners.

Project ICRC-ERA-HumanBridge

This conference is sponsored by the project ICRC-ERA-HumanBridge (ref. no. 316 345), funded by the 7th Framework Programme of the European Union. The project is aimed at strengthening of intergration of the ICRC into the European Research Area.
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